Monday, January 14, 2008


From the departure from Adam's side, to the eating of the forbidden fruit, to the seduction of her husband, Eve started a pattern of descent for women. The result was a curse in child birth and subjection to the husband (Gen 3:16).Following the fall, out of the two human members, the weakest was the woman. In society women have been for most of time behind or under the shadow of this curse. But as John Bunyan relays in the Pilgrim's Progress: the valley of humility is where Christ loved to dwell. In women's humility, Christ's power was demonstrated to turn any curse into a blessing. Through Christ women were restored to higher then they were before the fall. The amazing character of the gospel is manifested thus. Instead of remembering that a woman brought sin into the world, it will be remembered that a woman brought Jesus into the world! Furthermore, it was women that ministered to the hunger of Christ (Mat 27:55, Mar 15:40-41, John 4, Luke 10:40-41). It was a woman that cried on his feet preparing him for burial (Matt 26:7-13). It was women that sought first to continue to anoint his body after his death (Mat 28:5, Luk 24:22). It is ultimately a woman that is made to represent the church (Eph 5:23, Ezek 16). In Christ the curse has been lifted (Gal 3:10,13). In Christ, the verse is made true that she shall be called blessed and no longer cursed (Luke 1:48,Gen 30:13, Prov 31:2,Luke 1:45, Jdg 5:24).

Wednesday, January 2, 2008