Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Yellow Cave

It may come as a shock to many, but humans are still cavemen. Let me explain. We build rock edifices of brick, stone, or concrete and then end up spending the majority of our lives inside these carved rock passageways. We even make caves to get to caves. These mobile caves allow us to arrive at caves of eating, amusement, or even sleep. Thus man has not overly advanced in the last century, but has merely modified an old theme.

I was party, of recent days, to one caving expedition that involved a yellow cave of eating and two cavewomen and one caveman (myself).

Cavewoman 1 (Christy Kurtz-below left)

Cavewoman 2 (Sarah Paris-above right)

Within this cave were expert hunter gatherers that fed two of the party fine cave food.

An industrial age instrument was played to the delight of the hunter gatherers.

One of the hunter gatherers chanced to allow a hair to fall upon the food of my fellow cavewomen. It was with the greatest of revulsions that I carefully removed the unwanted protein globule.
It should be noted that a combative cavemen entered the cave after feeding time for my fellow cavewomen was completed. I was then grateful for accompanying my fellow cavewomen to the cave of eating that was yellow.