Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Google the 2nd Microsoft

Steve Jobs is a marvelous genius of PR. Just look at his first commercial that aired on the eve of the Super Bowl.

He was equally adapt at creating the next big thing:
The mouse
Operating system design

The result was that Apple was king.

But one thing he was not capable of seeing while at the top was a pirate. Mr. Bill Gates practically walked away with Job's ideas and created Windows. The result was Microsoft became the ruler of the 90's.

In similar fashion, Steve Jobs has recreated the magic he started, when he came to Apple.

Again he masterfully created a PR strategy. In case you haven't noticed, the top item on Google news sci/tech section for the past 8 months has been the iPad.

Again He saw the next big thing:
and now the iPad

Interestingly, there lurks another pirate. A partner of Jobs in this second round of victorious CEOing-- Google. Google's original marriage with Apple has been severely tried of late. The Google phone, Google apps, and now...With the purchase of Bump Technoligies, Google is set to make a gPad. History repeats itself. Just ask Steve Jobs.

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